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[Ur begins the video option as an accident, showing the current roster playing outside. Her two Lapras and Kangaskhan salute the camera calmly and return to play. Rose, her main Lapras, moves closer to Ur who just watches them.]

Ya have growth up pretty well, uh?

[With a small move, she starts walking to the Gym's door. Her larpas tilts her head a bit, knowing that they already went and obtained the badge.]

It has been almost a year since I've been there. [With a small glance, she turns to the camera.]

... 'M not good with words, but how long have ya been here? 'S there somethin' waitin' for you back at home?

[Shaking her head a bit, she ends the feed.]
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[If you happen to be near the Pokemon Center in Violet, you might notice that Ur is giving some chocolates to her Drifblim to deliver to some people. She's still a bit embarrassed about this whole holiday, but after all this time here, it's bit pointless.]

Take care in the journey.

[The drifblim, who is delighted that it got selected for such task, starts floating away as Ur leans her back against the wall and turns on a video feed.]

I sent chocolate for some friends. Just felt like it.

Luffy, Smoker, Sanji, come here. I have some for you all too.

Happy San Valentine's day.

[She's a bit embarrassed, so she ends the feed. Kisa, Heather, Kisame, Itachi, Warrior of Light and Mitsuru will get some chocolate from Ur's Drifblim!]
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[Today is such a good day to arrive to Violet City after so long. She starts walking around, remembering all the days she used to spend here while she was training to beat Falkner, or when she was on a date with Sanji and probably everyone still remember that incident.

Let's not mention when she destroyed part of a building.

So many memories. Memories she wants to treasure inside her forever. Ur glances over her shoulder to see her pokemons. Those that were always with her, the new ones, all of them were now so strong to protect everyone. She couldn't help but to smile a bit at that.

People change with time. That was a true fact that nobody could change. People she cared about had left to their worlds, and yet... If they are happy, that is all that she could care about. Maybe someday, they will see each other and laugh at the memories they have together. Even here, there were people who could change their future at least for a brief moment.

Ur walks near her two Lapras and reaches to pat their heads. Rose and Wild Rose. Both of them have a reason for such names. A dream that many people wanted to believe in, and that maybe they could create it here. Then she picks up her PokeGear and looks at the camera with a small smile.]

'M in Violet City now. It's good to be back here, I guess. Sanji, Smoker, Luffy, tell me where you guys are an' I'll be there.

[She makes a small pause and then speaks again.]

Hey, Johto... Do you have any dreams? Dreams that ya always wanted to make them true? I think it'll be nice to stop a moment and think in them.

... That's all.

[Both Lapras make a happy sound as she ends the feed.]
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[Of course, Ur has just broken out a window and started running away when the feed starts. Her Pokemons are not out this time, but she's looking very determinated to stop something.]

It's impossible for you to be here, Deliora! I stopped you once and I will do it! You're not going to take my happiness away!

[Her eyes move to see the PokeGear, looking rather sad for a moment.]

It'll be fine. I'm not going to let anything hurt any of you!

[Apparently she stopped in front of a building, thinking its that "deliora" monster.]

You're not going to bring any more sadness to all this people. This ends here.

[She drops the PokeGear to the floor. Now it shows Ur's back as she stands there, but her voice gets softer.]

I'm sorry. I said that I was going to be there for you no matter what. Look for a future, a bright one. Never look back and believe in yourself all the times.

This monster is not going to hurt you.


[And when Ur starts running to the building, the feed ends.]

[ooc: Action for those in Violet. Also, all the replies will be when she's in the police's cell for destroying a building :D;]
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[Apparently, this recording starts with the Drifloon playing with the PokeGear. It's having a lot of fun, and notices the record is on. Ur is not visible yet as the ghost pokemon starts moving to record the room of the inn.

As the pokemon moves around, he notices a certain door is open with a light inside. And curiosity killed the Skitty, so he moved along with the PokeGear to that door, just to find that Ur is stripping her clothes to take a bath.]

Floon~ ♥?

[Ur, now noticing the Pokemon, turns to see it and finds out that the PokeGear is on.]


[After falcon punching the Pokemon, she gets the PokeGear back and with a faint blush she turns it off.]

[ooc: Have fun talking with her :>!]

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