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❅ 21th ❅ Video/Action ❅

[Ur begins the video option as an accident, showing the current roster playing outside. Her two Lapras and Kangaskhan salute the camera calmly and return to play. Rose, her main Lapras, moves closer to Ur who just watches them.]

Ya have growth up pretty well, uh?

[With a small move, she starts walking to the Gym's door. Her larpas tilts her head a bit, knowing that they already went and obtained the badge.]

It has been almost a year since I've been there. [With a small glance, she turns to the camera.]

... 'M not good with words, but how long have ya been here? 'S there somethin' waitin' for you back at home?

[Shaking her head a bit, she ends the feed.]
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[Crow gives it a moment of thought before answering.]

Now that you mention it... It's been nine months for me.

[he makes a pause, and then--]

... Sure is. A lot of things, actually.


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Surely time flies around here, uh?

[She toys with the gear a bit.]

What 'bout the friends you have here?
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Yeah. Feels like I just arrived yesterday...

[... she got him there. He rubs the back of his head and exhales loudly.]

... Man, I dunno. I wouldn't wanna leave them behind, that's for sure. But, y'know... We don't really belong to this world, right? So I guess we've all gotta go back where we come from at some point...


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Ya aren't the only one.

[There's a small pause.]

Guess that's right. Better enjoy all the time we have here then.


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It has been eight months since I appeared in this world.

[He's not really going to bother mentioning what he has waiting for him, because he doesn't know- and Ur knows that.]


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Eight months already, uh?

[There's a small smile for him, of course.]


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[And there's a nod for her.]

It is strange to have become so used to this world.

How have you fared of late, Ur?


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It's easy after some time, I guess.

I've been well, training my pokemons and my self. What 'bout you?


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Nearly any situation can be adjusted to, it seems.

Training as well. I have managed to catch up with several of my companions, so I am traveling with them.


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Ahhh... I'm not actually sure what's waiting for me back home.


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Uh? What do ya mean with that?


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Well, I just don't know what's gonna happen! Anything could! There are a lot of time shenanigans and a whole big game going on and it could be anything at this point!


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Guess that's true... What's your name?


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I just got here a few weeks ago. But I know I've been her before...even if I don't remember.

[She thinks about her words a bit.]

There is someone waiting for me back home. [Then a small smile appears on her lips, she shakes her head.] Well, I'm suppose to be waiting for him mostly.

[Video] 1/2

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Aerith, when...?


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I guess I have missed a lot of things here...


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Oh! [It wasn't hard to guess that the other woman knew her. She knew her name, after all. Aerith couldn't help realize how missing her past memories was slowly taking a toll on her. Oh well, no need to overthink it now. An apologetic look will appear on her face, a small smile forming on her lips.] Like I said before, I just gave back a few weeks ago. Leon told me I was missing for a week before I came back....without any memories of ever being here.

[Her smile weakened a bit, but only a little bit.]

Sorry to ask, but....were we friends before?


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It's fine. We talked a few times, but we can start over again.


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Great! Thank you. I really appreciate it. [She smiles happily.] You know my name, but I don't know yours. What's your name, miss?