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❅ Nineteeneth ❅ Video/Action ❅

[Today is such a good day to arrive to Violet City after so long. She starts walking around, remembering all the days she used to spend here while she was training to beat Falkner, or when she was on a date with Sanji and probably everyone still remember that incident.

Let's not mention when she destroyed part of a building.

So many memories. Memories she wants to treasure inside her forever. Ur glances over her shoulder to see her pokemons. Those that were always with her, the new ones, all of them were now so strong to protect everyone. She couldn't help but to smile a bit at that.

People change with time. That was a true fact that nobody could change. People she cared about had left to their worlds, and yet... If they are happy, that is all that she could care about. Maybe someday, they will see each other and laugh at the memories they have together. Even here, there were people who could change their future at least for a brief moment.

Ur walks near her two Lapras and reaches to pat their heads. Rose and Wild Rose. Both of them have a reason for such names. A dream that many people wanted to believe in, and that maybe they could create it here. Then she picks up her PokeGear and looks at the camera with a small smile.]

'M in Violet City now. It's good to be back here, I guess. Sanji, Smoker, Luffy, tell me where you guys are an' I'll be there.

[She makes a small pause and then speaks again.]

Hey, Johto... Do you have any dreams? Dreams that ya always wanted to make them true? I think it'll be nice to stop a moment and think in them.

... That's all.

[Both Lapras make a happy sound as she ends the feed.]

video; uhh, clarification

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Is that a question you want people to answer?

video; np ♥

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'S not like 'M forcing them to answer if they don't want. As long as they think in them, 'M happy.


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What kind of answers are you hoping to hear, though?


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I wonder, what's the strangest answer you ever got to a question like this? Lots of room for it.


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[Sousuke walks by as you mention Sanji (my travel buddy). He waits for Ur to finish before he starts talking to her]

Excuse me. Did I hear you mention Sanji?


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I met Sanji in Cherrygrove city. We decided to make the journey to Violet city together... However we got separated once arrived here...


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Do you know where is he?

Guess it'd be good to introduce myself. I'm Ur.


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I don't know where he went... I've been looking for him ever since we split up...

I'm Sousuke Sagara. It's a pleasure to meet you Ur.


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Want to meet up and seatch for him?

Same here, Sousuke.

[Action] I put video as a habit but it was an action -.-' sorry XD

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That would be great!!! I'm a little bit worried...
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Pokecenter at the moment, but we're staying at the hotel.

And my dream is still to see the next Pirate King.

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[And she's moving to the pokecenter. Give her some minutes and she will be there.]

Hey, Smoker. [Have a smal smile.]

Next Pirate King?
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[A small blush as he realizes his poor phrasing.]

I watched the execution of the first one when I was 12. As a marine, catching the next one would be the best. Well... preferably catching him before he becomes the next King.

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Sounds like a dream you would have.

[she sits down next to him after leaving her team to the nurse to heal them.]
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Heh, thanks.

How about you?