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[ There is a new video starting. The location seems to be old, pretty New Bark Town. Some would think this is a new arrival, others would find this number to be familiar to them, but in any case, the feed starts showing a beautiful Lapras singing to a woman. Said woman seems to be holding two eggs as she looks at the now recording device. ]

Never expected to wake up with two eggs and only my old started in this town. Must be some kind of 'Welcome back' Johto thing. It seems I missed a lot of stuff, uh? Gotta make up for the lost time.

[ She makes a small pause, looking at the sky for a moment. ]

I'm home, guys. Care to fill me up?

[ Ur sighs a bit, thinking where could be the rest of her team, when the feed ends. ]


Where are you? Care to pick me up? I don't have any of my pokemons besides Rose like to get there faster. Sorry for botherin'.
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[ Look at that! A new video feed starts with Ur, fighting some pokemons with her new acquired Ice Power attacks. Her skin is paler than the people will remember and her hair is now blue, thanks to this effect. Not that she can complain, she missed using her Ice Magic and this is a nice replacement meanwhile.

And no. She's not using her pokemons to fight back. It doesn't take her long to defeat her opponents, her expression being a serious one. ]

Don't know for how long this will last, but we must take this chance to help others. If people think that they can get away hurting others like this, then let's see if they can say the same after I kick their asses.

[ She turns to give the back to the camera. ]

For those who knew Luffy, he has gone back to his world. [ Losing another part of her family hurts her, but she knows that he's with her nakama again. ]

Thank you for making such wonderful memories with him. And if you get one of his pokemons, make sure to take care of them.

That's all.

[ She ends the feed quickly, making sure to go to train again. ]
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[For some minutes, the video shows a worried Lapras right next to Ur's body. She's not in a house or anything similar. In fact, she's outside and all her pokemons are taking care of her. Both Lapras are using her bodies to protect Ur from any harm and the others are forming a defensive barrier to fight back any harm.

She's outside Blackthorn City and her pokemons couldn't move her more than that. Then, after a while, Ur finally wakes up. She looks around, checking where she is.

The Living World. She's not dreaming anymore.]

You all... protected me while I was away?

[To answer that, all her pokemons go to snuggle her. She can't help but to smile a bit and hold them close. Then, she's grabbing the Gear to talk to everyone.]

Don't know how many of you remember where we were... Or how long I was out... But, it feels good to be back. Thanks, uh, I guess.

[She looks away and goes to filter this.]

[Video; Kisa]

Kisa, if you see this, please call me. I want to talk with you 'bout somethin'

[Video; Ritsu]

What I said in that place, I meant it. You have my word that I'll be there for you to create your own future.

[Finally, she ends the feed.]
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[Today is such a good day to arrive to Violet City after so long. She starts walking around, remembering all the days she used to spend here while she was training to beat Falkner, or when she was on a date with Sanji and probably everyone still remember that incident.

Let's not mention when she destroyed part of a building.

So many memories. Memories she wants to treasure inside her forever. Ur glances over her shoulder to see her pokemons. Those that were always with her, the new ones, all of them were now so strong to protect everyone. She couldn't help but to smile a bit at that.

People change with time. That was a true fact that nobody could change. People she cared about had left to their worlds, and yet... If they are happy, that is all that she could care about. Maybe someday, they will see each other and laugh at the memories they have together. Even here, there were people who could change their future at least for a brief moment.

Ur walks near her two Lapras and reaches to pat their heads. Rose and Wild Rose. Both of them have a reason for such names. A dream that many people wanted to believe in, and that maybe they could create it here. Then she picks up her PokeGear and looks at the camera with a small smile.]

'M in Violet City now. It's good to be back here, I guess. Sanji, Smoker, Luffy, tell me where you guys are an' I'll be there.

[She makes a small pause and then speaks again.]

Hey, Johto... Do you have any dreams? Dreams that ya always wanted to make them true? I think it'll be nice to stop a moment and think in them.

... That's all.

[Both Lapras make a happy sound as she ends the feed.]

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