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❅ 20th ❅ Video/Action ❅

[If you happen to be near the Pokemon Center in Violet, you might notice that Ur is giving some chocolates to her Drifblim to deliver to some people. She's still a bit embarrassed about this whole holiday, but after all this time here, it's bit pointless.]

Take care in the journey.

[The drifblim, who is delighted that it got selected for such task, starts floating away as Ur leans her back against the wall and turns on a video feed.]

I sent chocolate for some friends. Just felt like it.

Luffy, Smoker, Sanji, come here. I have some for you all too.

Happy San Valentine's day.

[She's a bit embarrassed, so she ends the feed. Kisa, Heather, Kisame, Itachi, Warrior of Light and Mitsuru will get some chocolate from Ur's Drifblim!]

[Video- whenever he gets his chocolate.]

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[The warrior being who he is, he hasn't really heard much about Valentine's Day, and is therefore rather surprised about receiving random chocolate. It's welcome, of course, but he's still a bit confused when he turns on his pokegear/]

Thank you for the gift, Ur.


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'M glad ya liked it. You're one 'f my best friends here after all.


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Thank you, again. I apologize that I have nothing for you in return.


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Don't apologize. If ya liked it, that's all I care 'bout.

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[Sanji was.. well he was ahead of her in that regard, having prepared a lavish array of confections, all packed up in lovely, red box topped off with a ribbon. He was now trying to urgently hide it in his bag, but was.. having trouble getting it to fit.]

U-Ur-chan! You got chocolates for me? You really shouldn't have.. I can't possibly let a lady do something like that for me of all people..

[Placing the crudely packed backpack behind him, he attempts to nonchalantly hide the box from Ur's field of view.]

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[She's looking away, mostly because she was a bit embarrased for that, so that was a good chance to hide the chocolates from her.]

I made them myself. It was easy. Uh, I just felt like doin' it..

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W-Wow! You made them? That's pretty amazing!

[Sanji had made food for women many times in the past, but the reverse had quite possibly never happened. He was caught off-guard by that. Box of chocolates secured in the confines of his backpack, he approaches her]

Thanks.. This is really thoughtful of you.

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It's not 'at amazin'... But thanks.

Oh God sorry for late tagging I hope I'm not.. Bah

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I er.. Actually, I had something for you too.

Don't worry ♥

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Uh? Ya didn't have to.

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Oh but I did! Valentine's day is a day for expressing affection and.. That's what I did!

[rummages through his backpack, and presents the extravagant box to her. It's a deep red, with a fancy lace pattern all around it, hearts and all and finally, it's topped off with an over-the-top bow]

I made it just for you, Ur-chan! Please, take it!


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Oh, Ur-- [sob not used to getting so many things for Valentine's Day]

Thank you.


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Don't mention it.

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CANDYYY!! [He goes to find her too. This kid's gonna get diabetes today.]

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Be sure to not get sick after it. [Here, she's giving her boy a box with homemade chocolates.]

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I won't! [He grins and peeks in the box before looking up and smiling at Ur.

And then he starts shoving some in his mouth. What is patience when there is candy?

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[She ruffles his hair a bit.]

Want somethin' to drink?

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[He nods. He'd say yes but lol cheeks are stuffed.]

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[And she goes to bring him something to eat.]
foolishwren: just a jooooke~ (AHEHEH. Um.)


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[Here's Heather, being just slightly awkward as usual.]

Er-- ... yeah, thanks for the chocolates.

I wasn't really expecting anybody to do much about this holiday.


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Don't mention it. If ya liked it, that's all it matters.

Just felt like it.
foolishwren: just a jooooke~ (AHEHEH. Um.)


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It was awesome.

[Not that Heather's picky when it comes to chocolate. She's got a huge sweet tooth.]

I haven't done anything for Valentine's Day in a good few years, so... Guess it just caught me off-guard.

[She used to get stuff for her clique of buddies back in high school, but otherwise... 8I]


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Same here. Thought it'd be nice to do something this year.