Jul. 18th, 2012

forhishappiness: (♠ As long as I stand I'll fight for you)
[ Look at that! A new video feed starts with Ur, fighting some pokemons with her new acquired Ice Power attacks. Her skin is paler than the people will remember and her hair is now blue, thanks to this effect. Not that she can complain, she missed using her Ice Magic and this is a nice replacement meanwhile.

And no. She's not using her pokemons to fight back. It doesn't take her long to defeat her opponents, her expression being a serious one. ]

Don't know for how long this will last, but we must take this chance to help others. If people think that they can get away hurting others like this, then let's see if they can say the same after I kick their asses.

[ She turns to give the back to the camera. ]

For those who knew Luffy, he has gone back to his world. [ Losing another part of her family hurts her, but she knows that he's with her nakama again. ]

Thank you for making such wonderful memories with him. And if you get one of his pokemons, make sure to take care of them.

That's all.

[ She ends the feed quickly, making sure to go to train again. ]

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