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[Ur seems to be calling up someone, and yet she doesn't have a response from it. All she gets it's a "This number is no longer available." message that pisses her off a bit.]

... You had to leave too, eh? Guess... this was the best thing to do..

[She doesn't realize that the video is on. Her expression, for once, seems that she's thinkning about something really important. Someone can tell that she's walking with Kisa to Blackthorn City, now that they finally left the Ice Path.]

There's no point in regretting anything, eh? I bet you wouldn't have liked that. Idiot... Don't worry, Sanji. I'll take care of Luffy.

[Is in that moment that she notices that the video is on, and she turns to the camera.]

... Sorry you saw that. To anyone that cares, we are arriving to Blackthorn City now. Mitsuru, I have the pokemons for you.

Hey, Luffy. I'm coming to be with you again. Just wait me a bit more, kid.

[She ends the feed calmly. It's obvious that something happened to her.]
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[The first thing to see is a Lapras face, making happy sounds to the recording as she passes it to her owner. Now Ur can be seen in the screen, riding her Lapras.]

I don't know what happened, but I clearly haven't been sleeping these three days. I doubt that any of us had, really. I woke up in this Ice Path place. Feels nice, but I want to know why I am here.

To the people Kisa has been traveling with, she's with me. She's safe, and we will be back soon. Luffy, Smoker, where are you two right now? Sanji, call me when you see this. [She scratches her head a bit, looking at something that the record doesn't seem to be able to see for the moment.]

... Guess you will be joining my team too. Um, Mitsuru, I know you are busy, but I find out this place is full of Ice Pokemons. Wanna me catch some for you while I'm here? Jyyynx~ ♥

[Ur freezes in her place for a moment. She turns, and now in the screen this can be seen:

And it's blowing kisses to the camera.]

... That's one of the Ice-Types here. It's a bit weird.

[The feed ends when the Jynx tries to steal a kiss from the Bayleef, who wishes he could die in that moment.]

[Private to Sanji]
[Another video starts later, this time Ur managed to calm down her Jynx and is looking at the camera for a long time.]

Um... Sorry I kinda dissapeared. It wasn't my will, I promise. Will try to come back soon.

I... [Considers for a moment saying "Missed your company." but manages to not say it.] will be fine. Take care while I'm not there, 'kay?

[/Private to Sanji]
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[Ur seems to be sitting down outside Azalea. It seems she was training a bit and now was taking a break. She did take her Gear so she could start recording something, as she was thinking in a lot of things that happened.]

First Trucy... She must have gone back to her world. [She pauses a bit, closing her eyes.] Guess it's better in that way. Still...

Hmph. She was a sweet kid. Glad I could have met her.

I should have been there with her. Jeez...

[After that, she frowns a bit, remembering what she was about to say.]

At least it's good that she didn't have to see what happened to Phoenix. Tsk, that girl will pay for it. Some kids need a lesson or two. Can only hope that nobody will get in trouble for that brat. Not worth of it.

Someone knows how Phoenix is doing? I wish I could to more than staying here.

[She leans her back against the tree, looking at the distance.]

If that kid comes here, I'll let you all know. That's all-

[And when she was about to end the feed, her Lapras makes a sound to make her remember something. After some seconds, she scratches her head a bit.]

To change subjects, I have a Lapras Egg. Rose wants the baby to be with someone nice. You know the roll. If you are interested, talk with me.

Tsk, how I wish I had my powers with me...

[With that, she ends the feed a bit angry. The Lapras egg is for Mitsuru. And action for any who wants to talk with the grumpy hermit.]
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[Ur smiles to the camera as she pets her Lapras head with love. She missed her a lot during those days, since she's the only one of her own Pokemon that can use Ice. But, even her got attached to them.]

Glad you have you back, Rose.

[Said Lapras know nuzzles her head against her hand, as Ur's Gengar and Driblim want to hug her trainer as well. She, only for this time, let's them do that smiling sweetly.]

Yeah, yeah. Missed you two as well.

[She turns the camera to the new addition to the team. In the screen, a Bulbasaur appears smiling happily, going to the cuddle party as well.]

She's new to the team. Got her during that bizarre thing yesterday. She's a plant-type, even if I'm not used to them. [Ur, you have to ghost, at this rate you will never have a full Ice-type team.]

Good to know that everyone's pokemon returned to normal. Also, Ven, if you are around, can I talk with you for a second? Thanks.

[There's a pause.]

Guys, I can't breath▬

[And the feed ends.]
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What's going on here?! What happened with this creepy music and everything looking so weird! [She seems to be running away from something.]

I knew this bad weather was for a reason! Pokemons are acting completly different than they use to! Also, what▬

[She drops the gear when she dodges an attack from a Missigno.]

What are you?!

Everybody, please be careful▬!

[And the feed ends. She's ran away to the Ilex Forest without noticing it.
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Rose, let's end this now!

[This video starts with Ur's voice and then a Gym battle. That's right, Ur's battling against Bugsy today. Apparently, Ur managed to beat Pinsir and Heracross because Scizor is out now. ]

I have to admit, you took me by surprise with the last attack. But I will finish this now!

Go and try, kid.

[And the feed ends when both trainers start attacking each other.]

[After some minutes later, a new video starts. Apparently, Ur's jeans are wet as she smiles to the camera.]

Guess I overdid it a bit, but I won against Bugsy. Don't think Bugsy likes me right now since I almost made his Gym a big swimming pool. I just froze it completely and leave it behind. Not a big deal.

[She chuckles a bit as she sighs.] Still need to get a job... [Her Lapras next to her nuzzles her head against Ur's.] Yeah, you did an awesome job. Thanks.
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[The feed starts with a tired Ur, arriving to Azalea, with her traveling party as well. She looks around, trying to find the Inn as she sighs.]

Can't believe that we finally made it here. We're running out of money, guess I can work somewhere to gain some money.

Hey, Heather, how are you doing? Did the police stop chasing you? I've been missing this for a while, so don't know what happened with that.

Uh... I heard there was a Gym Leader here. What pokemons does he or she use?

[Scratches her head a bit.]

Also, I'm looking for an Eevee. Heard there is an evolution that I might like. Does anyone here know where I can get one? Thanks in advice.

[ooc: Action for any in Azalea and her traveling party!]
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[Ur shows herself smiling at the cold weather without her jacket. She's lying on the floor, enjoy the feeling of it really calmly.]

Finally some weather that I like! I've heard about a festival that someone is organizing. What is it about?

Uh, and sorry about my Gengar... being weird with my PokeGear. Finally learned his lesson, so I guess he won't be starting problems again.
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[The video starts with a big grin coming from a Gengar. Apparently, he was trying to turn on the recording for his own amusement. Now that you can see it better, you can see the Gengar, but it's a bit strange.

Since when Gengars wear a bra?

It seems this one is doing such a thing, And it's even posing with his big smile.]

Garrr~! Gengar! Geeeen!

[That's the interpretation that he has of Ur. In the background, Ur's voice can be heard. "Hey, did you see my PokeGear? Can't find it anywhere." Gengar keeps throwing kisses at the screen, ignoring his fate.]

[Action] )
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[Of course, Ur has just broken out a window and started running away when the feed starts. Her Pokemons are not out this time, but she's looking very determinated to stop something.]

It's impossible for you to be here, Deliora! I stopped you once and I will do it! You're not going to take my happiness away!

[Her eyes move to see the PokeGear, looking rather sad for a moment.]

It'll be fine. I'm not going to let anything hurt any of you!

[Apparently she stopped in front of a building, thinking its that "deliora" monster.]

You're not going to bring any more sadness to all this people. This ends here.

[She drops the PokeGear to the floor. Now it shows Ur's back as she stands there, but her voice gets softer.]

I'm sorry. I said that I was going to be there for you no matter what. Look for a future, a bright one. Never look back and believe in yourself all the times.

This monster is not going to hurt you.


[And when Ur starts running to the building, the feed ends.]

[ooc: Action for those in Violet. Also, all the replies will be when she's in the police's cell for destroying a building :D;]
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[The feed starts somewhere in Route 30, under a tree apparently, and a familiar voice sighs. The screen shows Ur, which is completly wet because of the rain, is just crossing her arms and waiting for it to finish. She looks lost in thought for a moment.]

Been a long time since I saw him. Probably went back to our world.

[Rose, the lapras next to her, turns her head to see its trainer, nuzzling her head with her hand.]

It's fine. I know he'll be fine. He was my student after all.

[There's a small smile at that memory and turns her attention to the PokeGear again.]

Ion, still going to Cherrygrove? I'm half-way to meet with you.

[Her eyes turns to see the rain again.]

I wonder if it's the rain that makes one start thinking about the past.

[And the feed ends.]
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[Apparently, this recording starts with the Drifloon playing with the PokeGear. It's having a lot of fun, and notices the record is on. Ur is not visible yet as the ghost pokemon starts moving to record the room of the inn.

As the pokemon moves around, he notices a certain door is open with a light inside. And curiosity killed the Skitty, so he moved along with the PokeGear to that door, just to find that Ur is stripping her clothes to take a bath.]

Floon~ ♥?

[Ur, now noticing the Pokemon, turns to see it and finds out that the PokeGear is on.]


[After falcon punching the Pokemon, she gets the PokeGear back and with a faint blush she turns it off.]

[ooc: Have fun talking with her :>!]
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[Like the rest, Ur is going to stop and kick someone this day. She had to make sure that Trucy was fine before going to battle something alone. If the kid was safe, then she was happy. It wasn't a death match, luckly for her because dying again wasn't something she really wanted to experience again, if she didn't have a worthy reason.]

Better get moving fast to end this! Assamble in groups to take them down easily than one-against-one battles!

Light! Firion! Can you hear me? Let's take down this. Gray, still here? Move your ass here too. Sanji, come if you want.

[Her Lapras and Drifloon are out, ready to battle. Suddenly, an Unknown appears.]

Hmph. Let's put an end to this.

[The video ends there.]

[Action to those in going to the Ruins of Alph to stop the Unknown~]
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[The video starts with Ur sitting and taking a break from her walk, not bothered to the fact of being at the grass while she walks. There is a Drifloon floating around her and she's still ignoring it.]

Apparently, this little things are everywhere. I caught it accidentally and now I can't get rid of it. Now I will have to train this one too. Great.

[She scratches her head a bit.]

Trucy, you're fine, right? I heard some stuff 'bout this creatures. Just wanted to make sure of it.

[And sighs.]

Where I can find a cold mountain with Ice Pokemons? If you know the answer, then tell me.
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[The video starts with Ur looking at Cherrygrove City, rather calm. She has never been one to be in cities too much, unless it was truly necessary. She is fond with staying outside and that, only going there to work and sleep.

And in all this time, she liked to spend her days watching out Trucy, after all she was a sweet kid. Knowing that she found her father was nice, so maybe there wasn't any need for her any longer. If she was happy, then Ur was happy.

When she was about to turn back and start walking, she heard something.]

Look at that, I can strike while they sleep and got their pokemons. How easy!

[Moving her eyes to see who was the one talking, he found out someone from the Team Rocket. A new kid, and of course, Ur had no idea who he was. But he was talking about hurting someone, and she wasn't going to let that happen.]

Rose, Mist now.

[ The PokeGear falls on the floor. And so, the place started to be filled with a strong mist. The Rocket boy quickly tried to grab his pokeball, but it was surprised by a strong punch in the middle of the stomatch, coming from Ur. Knocking him from the lack of air and her strenght.]

You have to be Ice to understand Ice, kid.

[The Lapras picks the PokeGear and comes next to Ur, giving it back. Then she notices this was on, and she only shrugs, looking away.]

Where's the police station?

[She pets the Lapras' head gently.]

Good one, kid.

[Everyone near Cherrygrove can come too :>]

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