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❅ 34 Rebirth❅Video/Action ❅ Backdated to the 25th

[ There is a new video starting. The location seems to be old, pretty New Bark Town. Some would think this is a new arrival, others would find this number to be familiar to them, but in any case, the feed starts showing a beautiful Lapras singing to a woman. Said woman seems to be holding two eggs as she looks at the now recording device. ]

Never expected to wake up with two eggs and only my old started in this town. Must be some kind of 'Welcome back' Johto thing. It seems I missed a lot of stuff, uh? Gotta make up for the lost time.

[ She makes a small pause, looking at the sky for a moment. ]

I'm home, guys. Care to fill me up?

[ Ur sighs a bit, thinking where could be the rest of her team, when the feed ends. ]


Where are you? Care to pick me up? I don't have any of my pokemons besides Rose like to get there faster. Sorry for botherin'.
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A welcome back to Johto thing? Ah, so your team has all... [ Swallowing hard. ] If you would like, I could offer you a couple from the Breeding Centre. A good trainer such as yourself could benefit from newborn Pokemon.

[ Even when she replies with a serious tone, she's dressed up like an "angel" in blue for the holiday. Saber pls. ]
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I am afraid I have trouble determining which ones are new or not. Catching up on the "inventory" has kept me fairly busy as of late. You are welcomed to come by Goldenrod City and look at any time.

Unless there is any specific way to tell them right off the bat.
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That is alright. I could ask someone to come fly down there and help you arrive quicker if you would like.

[ Saber's not very good at comforting, so that compliment brings some relief to her expression. ]

The ones wise to the Breeding Centre tend to flock here whenever their trainers depart. It is likely that they are here.
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A.... A ghost Pokemon?

[ Saber doesn't do well with other spirits SURPRISE SURPRISE. ]
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Female underwear?

[ ... Wait, Saber's been missing some lately. She just chalked it up to not keeping count properly. ] ... Even the ones with cute designs on them?
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[ ... ] I understand.

I shall slay this ghost Pokemon.

... I mean I shall tame this ghost Pokemon and keep all PokeGears hidden from him.
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They cannot die whatsoever?

[ Truly? ] ... and you have tried?
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[ ... ] Possibly. I have been deceived by ghost types before.

[ Sort of the primary reason why she stays away from them. ]

You are free to visit when it is convenient for you. In the meantime, I will alert the other ladies of the house to keep an eye on their personal belongings.
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This world is your home? ...Or are you speaking metaphorically.

[Not sure which is more frightening, that Johto and Kanto yank around the natives as much as outsiders, or that she'd been here long enough to consider it home.]
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Re: [video] Bluh unexpected absence

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[A bit of a pause before Equius responds.]

I must confess that such a lengthy stay in this place is a rather discomfiting possibility.
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[Holy crap, Ur's back.


Larry's too excited about this entire post to type a response, so Ur's going to get video. He's got that dumb smile on his face.]

I'm all the way in Celadon but I'll be over ASAP. Hold on tight, okay?

[And since he can't just hold it back,] I missed you so much.
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[Ur knows she always needs an idiot in her life, right?]

D'you want me to head toward Goldenrod and meet you there then? Or maybe Violet? 'cause I don't think it's gonna take me that long to fly over...