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❅ 29th ❅Video/Action ❅

[ A new feed starts from Ur, this time looks like she did it in her own and this is not an accidental one. The place seems to be her room, as she's done putting her gifts in a nice place. ]

I know it's a bit late, but thanks for the gifts. I---

[ There's a small knock in the door. Ur raises her calm gaze to it, leaving the PokeGear on the night table as a reflect. She walks towards the door and opens it, finding the owner of the Inn with a box in their hands. Ur speaks some words, and confused as Hell, she takes the package with her. When the action is done, she then closes the door and walks back, placing said box on the floor. ]

Hm? There's no address or anything.

[ A bit doubtful, she opens the box. And for a large moment, the room falls silent. She forgets that she's even recording this when her eyes become wild, almost as if she couldn't believe what it was in front of her. Inside that box, there are some kind of clothes. Or to be more precisely, they are baby clothes.

Ur's hand slowly moves to grab a piece of them. Her hand is shaking, and her eyes are lost in it. She holds them softly, almost as if she were afraid that they would disappear in any moment. When was the last time she saw them? There was no doubt that they were the clothes she had for her daughter. That daughter she lost when she was a small child, that child that was taken away from her a long time ago.

Since she arrived to this place, she never once thought this would be possible... And yet, they were in front of them. A memory that she tries to suppress everyday so she can continue living. Why now? It was a kind gift from Johto? She wasn't sure, but she sure found herself wrapping her arms around the tiny piece of clothes and sobbed a bit.

A rare sight indeed, for a strong woman like her to cry after this long. But as a Mother, watching this, she couldn't help the sad tears that keep flowing from her eyes. The silent crying of a woman who lost her daughter soon filled the empty room where no one but here were in. And soon, the recording finally ending the last scene being a woman who was crying for a child that wasn't there anymore. ]


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[What in the world was he even seeing? These images are so radically different from what he knew and thought about Ur that he speaks without thinking.]



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[uncertain whether this gift was seen as a good thing or as a bad one Eagle pauses a moment, watching the scene, before quietly speaking into the PokeGear. ]

Are... you alright?
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[That's... an odd thing to see, and one Crow certainly didn't expect to show up on his 'Gear, especially during the Christmas season. The item he got from home made him so happy the possibility of people receiving things they would rather put behind them has never even occurred to him.]

Oi, Ur... you okay?


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[Larry's not even close to sure about what to think of or say to this post. He didn't even know Ur was a mom! At least, that's the vibe he's getting from that present. Who knows though? He can't be sure. All he knows is that he never thought he would see Ur cry. Not any time soon, at least.

Being the sap he is, the first thing he wants to do is comfort her. ]

Hey, Ur? Want to talk?