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❅ 28th ❅Accidental Video/Action ❅

[ Abruptly, a new video feed starts from Ur's PokeGear showing the Goldenrod's Store. Apparently, things aren't going pretty well because she got herself in some strange situation. From what you can see, there's a child crying and an angry man about to do something not wise in front of this woman.

Who just jumped and punched his face. ]

Don't you dare to move.

[ She sighs and gets ready to fight four people. Which leads in her kicking their asses without any kind of mercy. Before she notices it, she steps on the Gear, ending that feed.

However, some minutes later, she opens a new one, this time aware of the recording, from the police station. ]

This is going to delay my Christmas's shopping. Hey, Johto, one thing: The store's crazy when there are two days left to this celebration.

Since I'm out for the rest 'f the day, let's ask around... What's important to you in your life?

[ A thoughtful pause. ]

Smoker, Luffy, where are we celebrating Christmas? Ritsu and Kisa, you two tell me too.

[ Another sigh, she's a bit bored here too. ]


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[Well shit, man. Now he knows NEVER to get on Ur's bad side. He's learning things about this woman every day, it seems.

He's going to sit here in stunned silence for a minute.]


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[ She's special like that.

Oh, it's Larry. Let's... try to keep it cool... ]


[ she's the best at this sometimes. ]


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[What to say? WHAT TO SAY?]

That was um, pretty impressive.


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[ She chuckles lowly, okay. ]

I don't do this kind of thing all the time, but thanks anyway.


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Those guys deserved it at least. Trying to attack a lady, talk about stupid.


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They deserved it, but for other reasons.


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I just couldn't stand the mere idea of someone hurting a child.


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Why the heck were they hurting kids? That's a bit out there.
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[Crow gulps, watching her beat the crap of the poor (?) guys, making a mental note to himself never to piss Ur off. Then, he gives her a somewhat wry smile.]

I think that's what they call "Christmas cheer".

[No, Crow. No, it isn't.

He pauses, pondering her question.]

... My kids. Their safety, their happiness, their future... that's what's important to me.


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[ The hermit knows best... But there's a small smile at that. ]

It was my present for them.

[ And then she listens, Crow in some aspects... it's just like her. ]

You and I are very alike in that way.
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[The duelist grins cheerfully in response.]

Hope ya don't have any in store for me, then!

[His smile turns a little softer as he listens to her say that.]

Heh, think so? ... 'S good to know. [It really does make him happy to know somebody shares his views.]


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Y-You wish to celebrate Christmas with us?


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Of course, I consider you two part 'f my family.

A random Beckett appears.

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omg how cute..

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Are you sure it's nothing else but candy?

Re: omg how cute..

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My brothers! And my Mommy and Daddy! And Butler! And Butler's sister! And My pokemon!

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That's a lot of people. Which is good, kid.

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Yeah! But only Big Brother Artemis is in this world.

( video )

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I guess if I had to pick the most important things, it would be... my family, my team, and my dreams.

... How 'bout you?

( video )

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What about your dreams?

[ Oh, right. He asked her something. ]

For me? Those who I care 'bout. They meant everything to me.

( video )

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To be the best of the best, of course! But I can definitely agree with that, too... people are most important, I think.

( video )

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That's a nice dream. I once knew someone like that. [ She makes a pause. ] It's quite nice that some people here think that as well.

( video )

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Well, I'd hope most people think that... although I guess it's true that there are probably lots of people who don't, huh.

( video )

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That's true. A sad one, but not everyone in the world is a nice person.

( video )

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I'd like to think most people are, though. Or at least, most people here in Johto.

Re: ( video )

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I guess Johto likes this kind of people. Not complaining, just stating a fact.

Re: ( video )

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Hmm... maybe only kind-hearted people can see Pokémon! Or something like that.

[ ... ] Well, probably not... I mean, those Team Rocket guys seem pretty mean-hearted and they're from here originally.

( video )

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[ Her eyes are sharp when he speaks of the Team Rocket, even for a brief moment. ]

I can't stand them.

( video )

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Me neither.

... Seems like all they wanna do is cause trouble and hurt people. What kind of goal is that in the first place?