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❅ 22th ❅Accidental Video/Action ❅

Hey Rose, Wild Rose. We should get movin'. We're done here.

[Her Gengar is recording this without Ur knowing about it. Both Lapras look at Ur, nodding a bit. If you look closely, it seems she just finished to grow some roses around Goldenrod. Wild Rose makes a happy sound at that, as she reaches to nuzzle Ur's face.]

Glad ya liked it. He has a nice dream, so I wanted to share it with others.

[Ur sighs and coughs a bit. Someone seems to have caught a cold.]

Not now...

[Maybe kicking some bugs was a bad idea. In any case, she walks a bit more but ends fainting outside Goldenrod. Her Gengar ends the feed worried. If your character is outside Goldenrod, they will find two Lapras and a Gengar trying to move her inside.]


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--?! O-oba-chan...!!

[ hi, Gengar and Lapras duo, there's a loli scurrying over to try and help. Or you know, make fretty motions. ]


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[The gengar is trying to slap Ur to see if that wakes her up. Both Lapras look at the loli worried.]



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Ur-oba-chan... [ yeah, she's worried too. ]


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[She wakes up after a few seconds, placing the Gengar down now. She notices Kisa and the worried expression she wears in her face.]



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You should... l-lie down...


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[Come here, you'll get a hug.]

Don't worry, I'll be fine.


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It's okay... but you really should rest...


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U-Ur-chan! No wonder I couldn't find you.. I thought something had happened!

[I must have been out longer than I thought...]

Where are you now? Are you far from Violet?

[Video] 30 minutes later

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Sanji. Ngh. I'm in Goldenrod, with Luffy and Smoker. Where are ya?


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I'm uh.. Still in Violet. I would've been farther along by now, but...

There were some.. complications.

[He moves the camera to some parts of his body that are bandaged up, notably his forehead and arms]


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What happened? Stay there, 'M goin' to pick you up.

[video] 1/2

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The tower, it.. A section of it collapsed on top of me and I was out cold for a while. I'm alright now though! I think.. No need for you to worry! In fact.. I'm more worried about you at this point, Ur-chan..

[His expression changes from embarrassed to concerned]

[video] 2/2

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Pick me up? Ur.. Are you sure you want to? I mean.. In your current state, it might not be the best thing to do.. You should rest.


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I'll be fine, Sanji. 'M worried for you too. I'll go anyway, so wait for me.

[video] so so sorry for lateness ;;

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Still.. Take it easy, Ur-chan. Don't over-exert yourself, please.

I'll be waiting.


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You might want to be careful missy, you don't sound so good.

video; 30 minutes later

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Uh, thanks. Didn't think it was this bad.

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Don't mention it. Those are quite some creatures with you...

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That's right.

[She gestures to both creatures to come closer.]

They are wonderful friends too.

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[Still getting used to all the unfamiliar things and names here. Gets a better look as they draw nearer.]

Wow! Those sure are the biggest Poke-critters I've seen yet!

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They also are pretty good in a fight.

[Video] 30 minutes later

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Light, I'm fine.


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I am sorry to hear it. Do you intend to rest?


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I will, don't worry.

[She smiles a bit.]

If you are around Goldenrod, come to see the roses.


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If you are certain.

[He nods.] Of course. I am certain they will be beautiful.


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Thanks for worryin' anyway.

That's the least I can do.
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[Doesn't say a word just nods to her pokemon and protectively moves to scoop her up and carry her inside.]


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[Both Lapras nod at him, recognizing him as a friend.]

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[Frowns and carries in, barking orders to get some help.] Sorry I'm late.


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You're not late, Smoker.

[She chuckles lowly. The Nurse Joy quickly goes to place Ur in a bed.]
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Hn. What happened?


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Guess I got sick. Been a while since the last time.
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You need to take it easier you.
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Tch. What have you been working so hard at? I'll help.