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❅ Eighteenth ❅ Video/Action ❅

[The video shows Ur that is entering to Azalea with a tired expression. Apparently she hasn't been sleeping well since she started running around cities to arrive in time. In any case, she starts walking to the Pokemon Center UNTIL A KANGASKHAN APPEARS FROM BEHIND AND PICKS HER IN HER ARMS AND STARTS RUNNING AROUND.]

What?! Not this again! Put me down now!

[Not only that, it also cought the attention of the Jenny around.]

Stop right there!

[Ur's expression clearly shows that this wasn't a good day. Suddendly, she ends the feed.]

[Ten minutes later, she appears on the screen again, apparently in a coffee as she's talking with the Jenny about kangaskhans and how good they are, what they eat and how lovely and cute they are. She eyes the camera and talks to it when Jenny is ordering another coffee to the waiter.]

Hey, Johto. A question... How do you deal with a pokemon who sometimes thinks you are her kid? Violence isn't a solution.

[A sigh.]

Firion, Light. I reached Azalea. We can meet up whenever you want. Smoker, Sanji, Luffy. I'll be arriving Violet soon. Dropped in Azalea to spend time with some friends.

Also, my egg hatched into a kangaskhan, if someone is interested in knowing about them.

[And then Jenny is done ordering the man and returns to chat with Ur. Then she ends the feed again.]


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If you do not object, then there is no reason that we should not meet now.


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[The reply for this video comes some minutes later and that Jenny seems to be waving her hand at Ur and leaving. She turns to the camera now.]

Sounds good to me.


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I will get Firion, then. Where should we meet you?


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The Pokemon Center sounds fine? We can move to a coffee shop from there.

[Video --> Action]

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Very well. I will be there soon.

[It doesn't take long before he's entering the pokemon center, with a Trapinch- his own egg-hatched pokemon- carried in one arm.]


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[Firion is just behind him, Rosebud waddling behind him and having the time of her life.]


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[She waves at the boys when she sees them in the Pokemon Center.]

Good to see you two again.


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And I am glad to see you as well, Ur.
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Well, explaining the situation would always be a good start. But then again, I guess we're still not sure how much they actually understand.


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Yeah, I tried that. It looked to work for a while but then she did it again.


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It thinks you're its mother?


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Does she try to smother you?


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Don't worry, I'll be fine.
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Kangaskahn thinks you're its baby...

We should be in Violet any day now. Barring more incidents of course.

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Yeah, she's a good one, but still manages to surprise me.

Everything fine over there?
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I don't even... didn't it just hatch?

Yeah pretty much. Got Marimo to come back and Luffy promises he'll be nicer with it. I swear if I have to go back over route 30 one more time though...

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She hatched a week ago.

As long as he learned his lesson, then it's fine. [A small smile.] Thanks for your hard work, Smoker.
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Pretty much then.

Che, it's nothing. I wish the in-crew squabbles back home were that easy to resolve.

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But if there were so easy to resolve, it wouldn't be fun, right?
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I wouldn't say they're that fun as they are now either -- except the few that can be resolved by knocking heads together, but those are rare at best.

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[She chuckles a bit at that.]

I see, I see.
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Oh did I mention my friend Hina will be joining us as well? [Because speaking of conflicts...]

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I didn't know there was someone new from your world here.
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Yeah, just arrived a little before Sanji. She's relatively famous back in our world as Black Cage Hina.
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Same reason I'm White Hunter.

Her devil fruit is black iron bars to trap pirates.

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I see. 'M glad a friend of yours is here anyway.
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Thank you Ur. [Nods head.] Though hopefully it won't cause the destruction of the world in the process.

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I don't think so. [Chuckles]
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You don't know her.

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I believe you, I believe you.
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[Snickers softly.]


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Perhaps a good way to deal with that kind of situation is to spray it with a little bit of water... that is how some people train animals in my world...


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To be honest I do not know if that tactic works...


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Things here are pretty rare.