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❅ Seventeenth ❅ Video/Action ❅

[ooc: First of all, thank you anon for the V-Gift!]

[Ur was in Goldenrod delivering her presents to everyone who was there. Once she made sure that it was done, she quickly moved to pay a visist to Whitney.]

The only left is the badge now.

[She know starts to record it when she enters to the Gym. She goes to where Whitney is calmly as ever. Even if she is in a hurry to go back to where Smoker and the others are.]

Oh~? You want to challenge me? Very well! But don't think I▬

Let's do it. I don't have time to waste.

[Okay, Whitney didn't take the comment very well and now she's sending out her Girafarig. Ur just sends out her Gengar. She's saving her other pokemons for later. Whitney smirks, as if it Ur made a mistake send a Ghosth-Type against her pokemon.]

Girafarig, use▬

[Again, she interrupts the Gym Leader to order the attack.] Sucker Punch. Now.

[Now imagine a Gengar using a Girafarig as a punch box because that's what it's happening. After some seconds later, the other pokemon faints as Gengar poses to the camera.]


Stop doing that. [Sighs] Let's continue this, kid.

[Whitney is now starting to get angry and it's turn of her Clefable. Ur calls back her Gengar and sends out her Venasur.]

Don't think you have just win because you defeated my Girafarig! Clefable, use Metronome!

Sleep Power and then Razor Leaf until she wakes up.

[Both pokemons do as they are told. Clefable manages to hit with a Fire Punch, but after it she falls asleep in the battle. Venasur quickly recovers from such hit and starts spamming Razor Leaf at the sleeping pokemon, and soon enough she faints. The big pokemon runs to be hugged by her hard work by Ur.]

N-Not bad! But it's over now! Miltank, go!

Rose, your turn.

[Venasur now is the one holding the camera, as both pokemons appear in the battlefield. Ur smiles a bit because it's clearly obvious she adores that one. Whitney soon enough starts spamming Rollout, and Rose starts using Ice Beam to the floor for an expected reason. Now, as Ur always does, she completly turned all the stage into Ice.]

Now your best pokemon can't do her best attack. It's over now. Sheer Cold.

[Without hesitation, and with a beautiful elegance, she attacks Miltank and she faints when the attack hits her. Then, Rose quickly dashes to where Ur is and she pets her head gently and lovingly.]

Thanks. You all did a good job.


[Ur sighs again and moves to where Whitney is. Then, she pats her head gently.] Next time you will be better. Never forget that. So there's no reason to cry, kid.

[... Suddendly, Whitney stops crying and looks at Ur with bright eyes.] That was so cool! Tell us your secret!

[And now Ur is being mobbed by everyone and Whitney, and the last thing she manages to do is order her Venasur to end the feed  and shout out "Smoker, Luffy, Sanji! I'm gonna be there soon!"]


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Wow Ur-chan, You're not just a pretty face, you're one hell of a trainer as well.

[Sanji's impressed]


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[She answers the video after some minutes, when she manages to get out of the Gym.]

Thanks. All of them did a good job.


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But.. You really went all out there, you made that poor girl cry!

[He means no offense, but you know how he is]


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She does that when she losses to anyone.


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Is that so.. I'll have to be extra careful then!

[Sanji quickly tries to change the subject]

How much training did you do to get your mons so strong?


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I spent a lot of time training them against the wild ones and the people on the roads that wants a battle.


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Seems simple enough.. How long have you been here?


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Wow.. Long time, huh?

..How long was "I" with you?


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..How long ago did I leave?


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Really.. So I wasn't gone too long, huh?


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[She nods.]

The good thing is that you're fine.


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[He's still not completely used to this whole thing]

If you don't mind me asking, how did we end up.. you know.


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Well, we always talked aroun' and one day I accepted your offer of going out with you. You also cooked for me.

Re: [video]

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..Sounds like something I'd do.

[You did good, past me.. You did good.]

I'd like to cook for you again, sometime soon.


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I'd... like that. [She smiles a bit.]


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It'll be a feast! Just the two of us!


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Sounds good to me.


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[He watches the aftermath of the battle with something like amusement. A similar thing happened to Cecil.]

Congratulations on earning another badge, Ur.

Also, thank you for the gift.


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Thank you.

'M glad you liked it.

Re: [Video]

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Are you going to set off for the next city now, then?

It was very thoughtful of you.

[She can't see it, but he had the charm in his pocket... with the crystal one that Bartz gave him.]


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Yes, there's people waiting for me.

We are friends, right? It was the least I could do.


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I see. It seems that Firion and I will not be able to catch up with you, in that case.

Still, thank you.


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Where are you in this moment?

You're welcome.


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We are in Azalea. I still need to obtain my badge, and we are waiting for our friend Cecil to join us.


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I have to drop in Azalea first, before moving to Violet. Maybe I can see you there.


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I would welcome the chance, and I believe that Firion would be glad to see you as well.


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Then I'll be seeing you guys soon.


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I am glad to hear it.

Until then.


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Until then, Light.
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Nice job Ur.

Though you don't have to rush too much on my account. [He says that now.]
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Because I'll feel guilty if you trip and fall in a hurry.