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❅ 26th ❅Video/Action ❅

[Ur did promise to record her badge against Clair, and she's doing so. When this feed starts, it shows Ur's Lapras, Wild Rose, facing Clair's Gyarados. Next to her it's her other Lapras, Rose, and her Venasaur.]

You didn't use your Venasaur because you know my Gyarados has ice-based attacks that would put you at disadvantage. Impressive, but sending a water-type won't be good either.

You have too much to learn, kid. Let's get this started, I don't have time to waste. Wild Rose, show them the power of ice.

[At the order, the Lapras starts using Ice Beam in all the Gym. At first, Clair's Gyarados dodges the attack and then realizes that it wasn't aimed at him.]

What it's this?

You might be the last one of the Gym Leaders, kid, but it doesn't mean that you can just go and act like if ya know everythin'. I'll teach what it really means to be Ice.

[It didn't took long before the whole Gym is completely frozen by Ur's Lapras. Man, it's really cold here. Except that Ur is not showing any signs of being affected by the cold.]

Don't take me so lightly! Gyarados, strike that Pokemon with all your power!

[And here starts a fierce battle against the two pokemons. Ur's Lapras seems to be doing pretty nicely, almost as if she were not afraid of losing this battle. Both pokemon exchange powerful Ice Based attacks, until Wild Rose finishes him off with a Sheer Cold attack.]

Impressive, but don't think this is over. Kingdra, show no mercy!

[Ur says nothing, but as soon the Kingra is out, it's trying to break through that ice to land on the water. Wild Rose takes this chance to strike with a powerful Ice Beam that hits directly in the dragon pokemon. Guess who is overpowered for this battle... The Kingdra does her best to stand up and barely manages to do it.]

Never give up, no matter what. Even if the situation seems to be bad for you, fight with all you got.

E-enough! Kingdra, Dragonbreath now!

Wild Rose, dodge and counter attack with a Body Slam!

[And as expected, the Lapras dodges the attack quite easily and strikes with a powerful Body Slam that strikes the Kingdra and sends her flying with such power that breaks the ice. Kingra is unable to continue.]

This is the end! I'll finish you off with my strongest pokemon, Dragonite!

Never lose your hope in those you care about. Wild Rose, come here. Let Rose handle this.

[Both Lapras switch places calmly. They just make a happy sound at the idea. It's pretty clear that those two care for their trainer with all their heart. Ur smiles a bit and goes to place her hand over Wild Rose's head.]

The one you will fight was my starter. The one that has been with me since the beginning 'f this journey. It's been a year since I have been here. I have seen dreams, hopes, different worlds connecting to this one, but let me tell you something, kid.

[Rose makes another sound, ready to face the Dragonite standing in front of her. She knows she won't disappoint her trainer and after this long, she knows that she will be always with her.]

What is it? Speak now, we are in the middle of a battle.

Never forget the dreams you have. Let's finish this, Clair! To understand ice you have to be ice! Rose, show her our power!

Dragonite, use your Hyper Beam now! Don't let her strike you!

[Suddenly, the screen goes white and a huge explosion can be heard. It takes a minute or two for the screen to go back to normal and show the stage where all the ice has been completely destroyed and, in the middle of the screen, is Rose standing with a frozen Dragonite in front of her. Next to her, it seems like the ice shards have created an rose garden, giving the stage a new level of beauty.]

It's over now. You did well, kid.

I lost? I don't believe it. There must be some mistake... I won't admit this. I may have lost, but you're still not ready for the Pokémon League!

Don't play games with me, Clair! Just give me the badge.

I know. You should take the dragon user challenge. Behind this Gym is a place called Dragon's Den. There is a small shrine at its center.

I don't care about..! YOU'RE JUST A BRAT!

[The feed ends with an annoyed Ur. 30 minutes later, a new one starts with Ur coming back to the gym, her clothes are completely wet, ready to punch Clair in the face. But before she could do something, Clair hands out the badge.]

All right. I recognize your true power. This Badge is yours

[Ur takes it tired and puts it with the others, before turning back and start walking to the next city. She grabs the Gear while she walks to talk now.]

Some 'f you wanted to see the battle, there it is. Kisa, Ritsu, I'm sorry it took me so long to start moving. Smoker, Luffy, I pay the dinner when I get back to where you guys are.

[Her pokemons make a happy sound and she ends the feed with a small smile.]

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