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[The feed starts somewhere in Route 30, under a tree apparently, and a familiar voice sighs. The screen shows Ur, which is completly wet because of the rain, is just crossing her arms and waiting for it to finish. She looks lost in thought for a moment.]

Been a long time since I saw him. Probably went back to our world.

[Rose, the lapras next to her, turns her head to see its trainer, nuzzling her head with her hand.]

It's fine. I know he'll be fine. He was my student after all.

[There's a small smile at that memory and turns her attention to the PokeGear again.]

Ion, still going to Cherrygrove? I'm half-way to meet with you.

[Her eyes turns to see the rain again.]

I wonder if it's the rain that makes one start thinking about the past.

[And the feed ends.]
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[The video starts with Ur looking at Cherrygrove City, rather calm. She has never been one to be in cities too much, unless it was truly necessary. She is fond with staying outside and that, only going there to work and sleep.

And in all this time, she liked to spend her days watching out Trucy, after all she was a sweet kid. Knowing that she found her father was nice, so maybe there wasn't any need for her any longer. If she was happy, then Ur was happy.

When she was about to turn back and start walking, she heard something.]

Look at that, I can strike while they sleep and got their pokemons. How easy!

[Moving her eyes to see who was the one talking, he found out someone from the Team Rocket. A new kid, and of course, Ur had no idea who he was. But he was talking about hurting someone, and she wasn't going to let that happen.]

Rose, Mist now.

[ The PokeGear falls on the floor. And so, the place started to be filled with a strong mist. The Rocket boy quickly tried to grab his pokeball, but it was surprised by a strong punch in the middle of the stomatch, coming from Ur. Knocking him from the lack of air and her strenght.]

You have to be Ice to understand Ice, kid.

[The Lapras picks the PokeGear and comes next to Ur, giving it back. Then she notices this was on, and she only shrugs, looking away.]

Where's the police station?

[She pets the Lapras' head gently.]

Good one, kid.

[Everyone near Cherrygrove can come too :>]

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