forhishappiness: (♠ I will watch over you where I am ♠)
Ur ([personal profile] forhishappiness) wrote2011-08-31 10:04 am

❅ 27th ❅Video/Action ❅

[Today, in Ur's channel, we get to see her letting her pokemons play with the water. But she's taking her time to do something else when the feed starts. The camera moves closer and you can see that she has been working in something like this...

That's right! She has been working really hard and now she's taking a break from it. Then, she turns to the feed scratching her head a bit.]

Hey, Johto, what do you do to spend your time here? Tsk. Still gettin' used to not do this with my magic... But feels nice in some sort of way.

Ah, Smoker, I reached Olivine. Whenever you want to meet up, I'm here on the beach.

Guess that's all for now.

[And the feed ends.]

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