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❅ Fourteen ❅ Video ❅

[Ur seems to be sitting down outside Azalea. It seems she was training a bit and now was taking a break. She did take her Gear so she could start recording something, as she was thinking in a lot of things that happened.]

First Trucy... She must have gone back to her world. [She pauses a bit, closing her eyes.] Guess it's better in that way. Still...

Hmph. She was a sweet kid. Glad I could have met her.

I should have been there with her. Jeez...

[After that, she frowns a bit, remembering what she was about to say.]

At least it's good that she didn't have to see what happened to Phoenix. Tsk, that girl will pay for it. Some kids need a lesson or two. Can only hope that nobody will get in trouble for that brat. Not worth of it.

Someone knows how Phoenix is doing? I wish I could to more than staying here.

[She leans her back against the tree, looking at the distance.]

If that kid comes here, I'll let you all know. That's all-

[And when she was about to end the feed, her Lapras makes a sound to make her remember something. After some seconds, she scratches her head a bit.]

To change subjects, I have a Lapras Egg. Rose wants the baby to be with someone nice. You know the roll. If you are interested, talk with me.

Tsk, how I wish I had my powers with me...

[With that, she ends the feed a bit angry. The Lapras egg is for Mitsuru. And action for any who wants to talk with the grumpy hermit.]


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... a friend of yours has gone home?

And, a Lapras--? [she's seen Lapras over the network, but she has yet to see one in person]


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Yeah. Guess is better in this way. Somehow.

[She lifts her head a bit when she asks for the Lapras, and moves the camera to show her Lapras who makes a happy sound greeting Mitsuru.]

She's a Lapras.


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[Mitsuru pauses, then nods at the Lapras] An elegant creature. I've seen a few of them over the network.


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It's not I can do something to stop that happening.

[After the greeting, she resturns to enjoy her break.] They are one of the few Ice Types around too.


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-- an ice type? [oh Mitsuru is interested]

If you are willing to trade, I have recently found a Seel egg in my possession.


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You like Ice-Types as well, eh?

[She pauses a bit, turning to see if Rose approves of the trade. She nods gently, because she can sense that Mitsuru will take care of her baby.]

She's fine with it, so I am. Where are you?

Also, I'm Ur. Don't think we have met before.


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I have a deep appreciation for the element.

I'm currently embarking down Route 35, toward Violet City. My travel companion and I should arrive soon.

Mitsuru Kirijo. A pleasure.


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Glad to meet another person that appreciates it too.

Never traded a Pokemon before, you know how to do it?

A pleasure as well.


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I believe there is a machine in the Pokemon Center that would allow us to do it remotely, though to be quite frank, I've never done it either.

((Comment to the trade post time?))


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We can always ask the nurses there for some help.

[Sounds good for me!]


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I think that would be wise. Certainly they've helped trainers with this before.

((Here! (


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Sounds good to me.

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...He'll be fine. He was carried to the Center and treated on time. He should be able to walk around a bit by next week.


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That's good to hear. [She sighs a bit.] Someone knows what happened with the girl?
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...She went home.


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Figured as much. [There's a pause, before she decides to change the subject for a brieg moment.] What about the one that attacked Phoenix?
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--She went down Route 32.


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Everything's going to be fine. Really.
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I prefer not to believe in speculations.
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Faith, you say?

[.....Well. He can have faith.]


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Yeah, try to look it like that.

I'm Ur.
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My name is Miles, ma'am.


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There's no need for the ma'am thing. Just call me Ur.
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A-all right... um.. Miss Ur.

[video] late, s-sob

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... someone you know has disappeared?

[video] It's never late ♥

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You can say that.

[video] ♥♥♥

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It looks like a friend of mine dissapeared. Looks like she went back home.

[video] ♥♥♥♥♥♥

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I am sorry to hear it.

[video] ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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It's fine, I know she will be fine in her home.

[video] ♥♥∞

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Still, if she is not from your own world, it is a sad thing to see her go, is it not?

[video] ♥♥∞ Noooo I was defeated!

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Yeah, but... As long as she's happy, so I am.

[video] ♥♥∞ Ha!

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That is noble of you.

[video] ♥♥∞ *goes to the corner*

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It's the best I can do for her. And for anyone.

[video] ♥♥∞ *drags out again*

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I understand.