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❅ Elventh ❅ Video ❅

Rose, let's end this now!

[This video starts with Ur's voice and then a Gym battle. That's right, Ur's battling against Bugsy today. Apparently, Ur managed to beat Pinsir and Heracross because Scizor is out now. ]

I have to admit, you took me by surprise with the last attack. But I will finish this now!

Go and try, kid.

[And the feed ends when both trainers start attacking each other.]

[After some minutes later, a new video starts. Apparently, Ur's jeans are wet as she smiles to the camera.]

Guess I overdid it a bit, but I won against Bugsy. Don't think Bugsy likes me right now since I almost made his Gym a big swimming pool. I just froze it completely and leave it behind. Not a big deal.

[She chuckles a bit as she sighs.] Still need to get a job... [Her Lapras next to her nuzzles her head against Ur's.] Yeah, you did an awesome job. Thanks.
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[personal profile] foolishwren 2010-10-28 04:37 am (UTC)(link)
Can't blame Bugsy, Bugsy's been getting his butt kicked for the past couple weeks.

Congratulations, by the way!

[Heather tuned in for the fight, naturally. She's grinning now.]


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It'll take a while to remove all the ice from it.

Also, thanks.

[She smiles back at her.]
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Nice job Ur.
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At least the next one doesn't seem too tough.
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[personal profile] justicereigns 2010-10-31 11:27 pm (UTC)(link)
Whitney I think it was? Someone said she uses normal type over in Goldenrod.

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Might have an advantage over there.
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[personal profile] justicereigns 2010-10-31 11:54 pm (UTC)(link)
Although supposedly she has something good against ghost. I'm not sure about fighting though.

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Well, I can always count with Rose. [A small smile.]
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I'm sure you won't have a problem.

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Heh, thanks, Smoker. You should come and see when I battle Whitney.
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Hopefully we can catch up by then. I think the brat will want to stop in Azalea and defeat Bugsy himself too though.

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I can wait for you all to come here.
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I'd appreciate that, Ur.

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Then it's settled. Take your time to come here.
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Hopefully not too long.

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I'm sure Luffy's pokemons are strong to beat Falkner.
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I should think so. If nothing else, I'll battle the bratling myself and toughen him up.
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Tch. Like hell. It's just embarrassing to chase someone who isn't what all my hunches say he is.
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Hn. Damn right.

Hey, Ur? You like kids, right?

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[Okay, this is Smoker who she's talking to. She can take a moment and say it because he won't make a big fuss over it.]

I do, why?
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At what point do they stop being kids and just become criminals? I mean, some kids, no matter they're raised, they're always going to do their own thing, no matter what they're taught or what method, right? Hell, I was that way myself.

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It always depends on the kid and where they are. [She makes a pause.] If you mean Luffy, I guess he still has time to be a child.
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Except that he grows up to be someone who declares war on the world government, endangers the lives of hundreds of thousands of people with his impulsiveness and could very well break the world.

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[Thinking, thinking.]

But he's here with us now, right? We can't stop things from happen in our worlds, but here is different, right?
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Maybe. He's still a willful brat who'd pickpocket as badly as his monkey given the chance.

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[She smirks a bit.]

Then we have to make sure that doesn't happen.
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You did a number on that shitty bug freak, Ur-chwan~! Do you wanna go out to dinner~?!

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Heh. Thanks, Sanji. [He doesn't waste any time.] Fine, let's go.

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[Smiling to the brim, Sanji closes up the cart--locks it-- and, leaves Ursaring there as a guard. Nobody would be too intent on challenging the high level bear for the cart, after all.]

There's a nice little stand out on the outskirts of town~!

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[She smiles to the Ursaring a bit.]

Lead the way.

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[Ursaring nods to Ur--a gesture taught to her by Sanji. Animals needed to be entertaining or useful to avoid being cooked in Sanji's book and Ursaring was officially his second-hand maid for Ur.]

It's actually just a little grill stand that does a bit of seafood. How much seafood have you tried, Ur-chan?

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A bit, actually. I went to eat with a friend the other day. It sounds good to me.

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[This is where Sanji steals the stage by snagging an apron from one of the grill chefs once they arrive.]

It'll be fantastic, Ur-chwan~.
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[She's kinda expecting it, but still she chuckles lowly.]