forhishappiness: (♠ Life is hard sometimes ♠)
Ur ([personal profile] forhishappiness) wrote2013-01-02 10:24 pm

❅ 34 Rebirth❅Video/Action ❅ Backdated to the 25th

[ There is a new video starting. The location seems to be old, pretty New Bark Town. Some would think this is a new arrival, others would find this number to be familiar to them, but in any case, the feed starts showing a beautiful Lapras singing to a woman. Said woman seems to be holding two eggs as she looks at the now recording device. ]

Never expected to wake up with two eggs and only my old started in this town. Must be some kind of 'Welcome back' Johto thing. It seems I missed a lot of stuff, uh? Gotta make up for the lost time.

[ She makes a small pause, looking at the sky for a moment. ]

I'm home, guys. Care to fill me up?

[ Ur sighs a bit, thinking where could be the rest of her team, when the feed ends. ]


Where are you? Care to pick me up? I don't have any of my pokemons besides Rose like to get there faster. Sorry for botherin'.

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